2023 Santa Barbara Laugh Festival

The 2023 Santa Barbara Laugh Festival Celebrates the Santa Barbara Stand-up Comedy Producers and the “Local to Headliner” Comedians who make Santa Barbara, California, Stand-up Comedy Heaven.

Join us November 1, 2, 3, & 4, 2023 at multiple venues. You will love laughing in Comedy Heaven, Santa Barbara, CA.

Santa Barbara Laugh Festival is the official kick-off of to the 2023 Holiday Season. Visit Santa Barbara for the ultimate foodie, shopping, and laughing expriences in America. Santa Barbara is Comedy Heaven.

Luis Moro, Executive Director, Founder SBLF

The Santa Barbara Comedy Scene Producers

The 2023 SBLF honors the SB Comedy Producers who make Santa Barbara, Comedy Heaven.

Santa Barbara Comedy show Producers come from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Each consistently produces stand-up comedy shows throughout the year in Santa Barbara, CA.

From “Local to Headliner” comedians, the range of stand-up comedy they curate with their comedy show line-ups provides hilarious stand-up comedy nights, week after week, all year round.

Visit Santa Barbara, enjoy the sights, and be a foodie. Eat, beach, shop, and end each night with a hilarious night out of stand-up comedy in Comedy Heaven, Santa Barbara, California. RSVP your tickets now for the Santa Barbara Laugh Festival.

Santa Barbara Comedy Scene Producers: Carol Metcalf, Andrey Belikov, Maximilian Robert Lockwood, Samantha Bear, Chris Williams, Madalena Fossatti, Jessica Winther, Maggie Hyde, Amanda Michelle, Christine Blackburn, Keith Graber, Franchie San Pedro, and Luis Moro.

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2023 Santa Barbara Laugh Festival

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023
Thursday, November 2nd, 2023
Friday, November 3rd, 2023
Saturday, November, 4th, 2023