Please Judge Me!

Santa Barbara Laugh Festival

Being Judged is your pathway to learning, adapting, and improving. Being Judged by audiences and peers is a sign you’re on the road to success.

Saying “Don’t Judge Me” is a clue you’re not ready for the National Stage.

On Thursday, Nov 3rd, and Friday, Nov. 4th of the Santa Barbara Laugh Festival, we invite highly regarded stakeholders of the Santa Barbara community and entertainment professionals to Judge and vote for the three best comedians of Thursday and Friday night.

On Saturday, the top comedian of each night will perform with the Santa Barbara Breakthrough Comedian lineup.

“Please Judge Me” is a gift. Join us at the Santa Barbara Laugh Festival and give yourself the gift of Judging Comedy.

What is a Stand-up Comedian? Start by reviewing the Santa Barbara Laugh Festival Judges Evaluation Sheet.
Santa Barbara Laugh Festival