Santa Barbara Laugh Festival

Our Story

The Santa Barbara Laugh Festival is the culmination of a two-year journey created to provide quality comedy for Santa Barbara during the Covid pandemic by Santa Barbara Comedy Nights.

Santa Barbara Comedy Nights is a weekly Standup comedy stage where comics come from the east to west coast, hosted by Santa Barbara comics to practice and develop their professional stand-up comedy routines.

Our Mission

Weekly, our Santa Barbara community enjoys a range of experienced comics working out and developing their stand-up comedy routines. Audiences enjoy the Backstage behind-the-scenes experience of seeing comics become Professional Comedians on their path to performing at comedy clubs, headlining, and taping comedy specials on the epic national stage.

“It’s a fantastic experience to see comics evolve throughout the year. Seeing people be so vulnerable, exposing themselves, and still creating new material right in front of audiences is a transformational experience. It’s deeply fulfilling standup comedy.”

Our Vision

Inspiring audiences, discovering the Funniest Person Alive. The Santa Barbara Laugh Festival highlights the best Comedians who’ve graced our VIP Backstage stage entertaining our community throughout the year.

santa barbara comedy festival