Luis Moro, Executive Director

Santa Barbara Laugh Festival

How the Santa Barbara Laugh Festival was Born.

“One good joke can travel the world. Make a difference with your jokes.”

The Santa Barbara Laugh Festival is the next chapter of my ten-year journey that started with a Special Comedy Tribute to the one and only Carol Burnett by the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. I was extremely honored and fortunate to be asked to write, direct, and co-produce this fundraising event.

It was a spectacular night remembered and recognized to this day, raising $220,000.00 and with many laughs.

The Carol Burnet tribute sparked my desire to contribute to our beloved Santa Barbara in new ways yet to be sustained. So I committed to producing the Santa Barbara Laugh Festival.

As with all great journeys between our upcoming inaugural event and the night of conception ten years ago, I had to jump many hurdles. I became a full-time single father of two daughters, fires, mudslides (digging out friends, both passed and living), covid. One by one, these last three events methodically altered community experiences in Santa Barbara.

“We’re all one great thought away from an extraordinary life. The right joke can be the messenger needed to inspire someone’s extraordinary life. “

In conversations with community leaders, it seemed that Santa Barbara stopped laughing. Yet, no matter the circumstances, finding comedy in all events helps transform the moment. Laughter helps heal, unite, and create peace with the person laughing.

The Santa Barbara Laugh Festival is committed to being part of the conversations that make a difference.

One thing is sure; the Santa Barbara Community has been and will continue to be the genesis of many global conversations that impact people worldwide.

From technology to the content technology distributes, one good statement from the right people in Santa Barbara will reach millions, if not billions, of people worldwide.

Why wait ten years? Raising my daughters full-time was my priority. I surrendered the decade to being a Professional Parent. They’re older now. Hence my focus on The Santa Barbara Laugh Festival lives like raising a new child. I’ve committed my next decade to establishing Santa Barbara as a must-go-to Stand-up comedy destination. The Santa Barbara Laugh Festival is our comedy benchmark annual event.

I could share much more about my journey raising two daughters in Montecito, CA. The comedy is endless. The extraordinary people I’ve met, learned from, and have become friends with throughout Santa Barbara are priceless. United, the Santa Barbara Laugh Festival will bring peace, love, and laughter to the forefront of Santa Barbara and the communities we reach.

Luis Moro, Executive Producer